It's been tremendously frustrating personally since the starting. bns gold as an insane quantity of incredible costumes. And something of BnS's main selling points is actually cosmetics. Having 4+ many years worth of costume content directed at us in (really) tiny small spurts every fourteen days or so is actually upsetting. There ought to be more costumes put into the rotation and also to the store by itself.

This business tactic actually has got the opposite effect upon me. There are a lots of costumes that I'm getting excited about. And at this particular rate, who knows whenever we will get all of them. Could be several weeks, or over annually??? Since release, we've only gotten 2 of these....
One costume particularly is from the very start of the game, and we still do not have it yet!

The rotations have remaining me disappointed more often than not. And it's just 2 costumes. 2 weeks is quite a long time to wait for just two costumes... out associated with 100+. And that 14 days can easily turn out to be months before these people release something you actually like. So instead of comfortably investing in extra costumes, I keep preserving and saving as well as saving for once they release the costumes I'd like the most.