Giving a more passionate response for you to Iceland’s unlikely venture was Gylfi Sigurdsson. “We thought of doing well here and might know about achieved was amazing, ” he spelled out. “We finished inside top eight in the competition. We still can’t consider it and it’s a shame who's had to stop here. It was incredible all alike. ”Buy Fifa 17 Coins

Excited answers for exciting periods. No one who saw it is going to forget Iceland’s England 2016 saga. Your question is, is this the last we'll be seeing of these kind of heroes?

“No means! ” boomed Finnbogasson. “We don’t need to stop here. The qualifiers pertaining to Russia 2018 are gonna start, and we’ll have an extra chance down to Earth soon and focus with them. We’re going to handle on making record. ”

If he along with his defiant team-mates have to be believed, we haven’t heard the last in the now-famous “Huh! ” chant that rang throughout the Stade de England as Iceland’s unbowed a warrior took their keep.