Kobe Bryant's going time draws around. In this time of year, he played a negative performance, his variety of datas are the particular worst. More details is on Buy cheap NBA 2k16 Coins where you can buy cheap NBA 2K16 MT.

In 2010, he got averaging 6. 7 three-pointers, nevertheless the hit rate is 28. 1%. Among these participants who shot no less than 400 times in 2010, he hit the best rate.

This time of year, his two-point shooting rate is 40. 4%, and only 10 players whoever rates are lower than Kobe. So far in 2010, his missed score can be a total of 1659 items, ranking first inside the league.

Although he previously a poor express, the fans nonetheless want him to be able to play. Even enjoying career worst time of year, he is nonetheless the Lakers' very best asset.