Battle and gliding will be stellar. Some with the art is excellent, though most is just too gaudy for my own taste. Animations are usually fantastic. Some with the music is excellent. These are, all together, marvelous in my opinion.

But, for every positive you can find heavy negatives which is where they got something amazing and also failed with bad game design, horrible localization/translation and extremely bad voice performing. Bosses are UN-targetable? Uninteresting. Walk-meshes (video game level design term) which can be improperly created creating your jump actions to fail landing you during many mobs aggro array? Unpleasant. Wasting every person's time. Their business procedures (I will not care if other mmos take action) is carried away and unethical. I will be not going to cover real life cash to get a freaking key, but their video game design is in a way that some people are forced to perform a dungeon 29 or maybe more times before they finally manage to get thier upgrade weapon. It really is either that or perhaps quit, which is a really tempting choice for me currently.

Baka. It's not p2w it's pay being slightly less unpleasant. They make the particular grind so uninteresting and miserable that you will be forced to acquire ridiculous items from their website or cheap Blade and Soul gold from other bots.